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Procurement & Supplier Relationship Management
SharePoint eProcure Portal  

A Complete End-to-End Procurement Solution Built on
Top of SharePoint

Corevo eProcure delivers a streamlined procurement solution – eliminating your previous procurement problems. With collaborative and self-service features built on top of SharePoint, procuring and approving goods or services is just a mouse click away.

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eProcure is a collaborative procurement solution built on top of SharePoint complete with self-service features and capabilities. With eProcure, you can streamline your procurement processes.

End User

A user-friendly dashboard allows end users to easily procure their requested items. The dashboard provides users with helpful information, such as the status of their request, as well as several different catalogs to search to find the items needed.


Decision Makers

Approval dashboards provide decision makers with complete visibility into the procurement process. The ability to approve or reject a request and view pending requests is simple and easy thanks to a self-service interface.

Procurement Teams

Thanks to eProcure’s centralized and collaborative interface, procurement teams are enabled with the necessary information to carry out procurement requests. Teams can also easily create RFQ’s or PO’s as well as discuss and rate the vendors that procured items are sent from.



Managing the solution is a painless process with eProcure’s centralized interface. Administrators can easily manage the solution with the admin screens provided. This enables admins to do everything from configuring product catalogs to provisioning users and groups.



Procurement Work Flow

Requestor Dashboard

Procurement Solutions-RFQ List

RFQ List

Procurement Solutions -Vendor  profile


Procurement Solutions-PO list

PO List