SharePoint solutions for
Procurement & Supplier Relationship Managements

About Corevo Commerce

Corevo Commerce is the latest and greatest product suite rollout. Powered by Optimus BT, the suite delivers procurement, commerce, sourcing, contracts, and purchasing solutions to help businesses run better.

Who is Optimus BT?

Optimus BT is bringing collaboration to the enterprise forefront. In doing so, we are providing high-quality solutions that help businesses succeed. Gone are the days when employees, customers, and partners were all separated. This makes it possible to collaboratively engage one another around the most important issues. As a result, our clients enjoy a decrease in cost and an increase in revenue.

Optimus BT is a dynamic organization of innovative people focused on designing and implementing packaged and turnkey enterprise 2.0 and commerce solutions using SharePoint as the main platform. We offer products, solutions, and services that extend your business’ existing ERP/CRM functionality to include portals, business intelligence, workflows, document management, collaboration, and self-service functionalities.

Thought Leadership

We have always been one of the early adopter organizations to spot various mega-trends such as the potential of SharePoint, the abilities of social software in the enterprise, and the move towards Enterprise 2.0 in the technology industry. This has helped our customers to adopt and change the ever evolving industry.

Our Experience and Engagement Model

Our design and technology recommendations are based on actual implementations with organizations such as McAfee, The Smithsonian Institution, Tyco Electronics, International Speedway Corporation, and several others.

Not only are our solution unique, but our engagement model allows us to provide solutions in a shorter amount of time while assisting customers world-wide with an interactive collaborative design and development process.


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