SharePoint solutions for
Procurement & Supplier Relationship Management

Purchasing Insights for Better Business Decisions

Corevo Purchasing Analytics provides the tools necessary to make intelligent purchasing decisions. Because it is built on SharePoint and has extended SQL server reporting services you can be assured that not only is it filled with powerful enterprise data mashup capabilities, but it will also make buying decisions stress-free.

Purchasing analytics can pull information from any of the other Corevo products – providing better insights and visibility. Additionally, external data sources such as inventory, accounting, or other legacy systems can be integrated to obtain and increase your cross-functional purchasing intelligence.

Enable better business decisions with these great benefits:

  • Make accurate spending decisions, thanks to complete visibility of your company’s budget usage and availability
  • Better vendor negotiation during the sourcing process with in-depth volume and pricing analysis
  • Easy access to information that otherwise might get buried in multiple systems or be available in unusable formats.
  • Decrease internal reporting and auditing resource demands with self service enabled departmental, project and location level reporting dashboards
  • Reduced dependence on IT resources for report writing and extraction with configurable ad-hoc report builder



Purchasing Analytics Dashboard

Spend Reports

Catalog Reports

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