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Procurement & Supplier Relationship Managements

Upcoming Webinars

Simplifying Contracts Lifecycle Management Solution with SharePoint 2010
Tuesday, November 29, 2011, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT
Today, organizations are faced with a multitude of challenges in managing contracts from authoring, to reviews, approvals, tracking, and archiving. There is a need to go beyond just legal archives, to automate each stage of contract lifecycle, compliance tacking, mitigate risks, and provide comprehensive security. ....Read More

Past Webinars

SharePoint based Service Catalog Implementations
Wednesday, July 20th, 11AM - 12 PM EST
This webinar will show how companies can standardize IT operations and service catalog management with SharePoint. View some different scenarios, walkthrough the features required, and see an overview of our Corevo Service Catalog Solutions....Read More
Addressing legal and contract management needs with SharePoint
International (Europe, Middle east & Africa) - Wednesday, June 29, 3 - 4 PM GMT
United States and Canada – Thursday, June 30, 2 - 3 PM EST
Using SharePoint means you can provide business users reusable templates, clauses that can be accessed from a central repository reducing authoring time and makes the process hassle free. You can also collaborate with the business users using workspaces, document workflows and approval routing to be on the top of the process. With SharePoint, you get complete control; visibility to maintain .....Read More
Managing Supplier Relationship and Sourcing with SharePoint
International (Europe, Middle east & Africa) - Wednesday, June 15, 3 - 4 PM GMT
United States and Canada – Thursday, June 16, 2 - 3 PM EST
The benefits of Supplier relationship management are profound, it’s no surprise why organizations prefer to view their vendors as partners and not commodity suppliers. SRM and Sourcing is a strategic function, where technology has made high impacts. In this webinar, you will learn how finding a network of vendors, evaluation, negotiation process and managing long term relationship with contracts compliance is seamless with Corevo solution built ground up on SharePoint 2010.....Read More