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Procurement & Supplier Relationship Management

Definitive Sourcing Decisions Made Easy with a New and Innovative Solution Built on SharePoint

eSourcing allows your organization to source, manage, and evaluate vendors - complete with a vendor portal to post rfps and receive responses from your vendors. See how to maintain and work with vendors in our eSourcing demo.

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eSourcing is a collaborative RFx management solution built on top of SharePoint. Companies and vendors can now collaboratively engage with one another during the sourcing process – allowing for smooth sailing on both ends.


  • Enjoy a reduction in cost with an increase in negotiating power and best value vendor agreements.
  • Reduce vendor disputes and errors while enhancing product quality thanks to detailed specifications of requirement leads.
  • With transparent and structured vendor selection, increasing compliance and policy conformation is a cinch.
  • Eliminate paperwork for fast, error-free sourcing. Identify additional savings by engaging more collaboratively with vendors



eSourcing Dashboard

RFx Workspace

RFx Database

RFx Creation Wizard