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Download the product feature summary document for a tabular view of available robust & automated features with possible configuration and customization options. Our contract management solutions focus on centralizing and managing the contracts across your entire enterprise.

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Templatized Contract Creation

With eContracts-a contract software you can easily create contracts using a wizard based interface and with integrated contract templates. Based on the administrator managed Microsoft word based template, the wizard prompts the user to enter valid information for the contract to be created.

Contract Review & Publishing Workflow

Contract review workflows forward created contracts to appropriate reviewers for approval based on contract value or user groups. In addition, wherever pre-defined routing is not possible, contract authors and owners can manually specify approvers for each created contract. Reviewers, authors and other stakeholders can modify contracts in a collaborative fashion by commenting and requesting for changes. The approval history keeps track of the approval activity for each contract.

Resource Libraries

With our enterprise contract management solution, Contract authors can reuse frequently used content like clauses, and terms and conditions from centralized resource library. The contract creation wizard allows for easy browsing of contract libraries and adding them to content placeholders within the contract templates.

Two-way Content Synchronization

Real time two-way synchronization is available between the eContracts web interface and Microsoft Office Word client. Users with modify permissions can edit contracts in either of the interfaces depending on the needs.


Contract Workspaces

Our contract management services of contract workspaces allow for collaborative creation, implementation and monitoring of contracts. Workspaces are powered with features like meeting organizing spaces, calendars, review and expiration milestones, tasks, comments and wiki enabled description pages.

Contract workspaces can be optionally created, especially for long term and high value contracts where collaboration and visibility is critical.

Milestones & Tasks

Contract milestones enable keep contract owners notified of important dates like renewal reminders and expiration. Contract tasks are used to manage contract tasks for specific users or user groups such as reviews and renewals.


eContract extends SharePoint’s infrastructure to provide robust security and access to contracts. Administrators and contract owners can provide permissions for each contract at an action level. eContracts provide a set of permission groups out-of-box for easy permission assignment. Critical contracts can even be protected using a password.

History & Reporting

Our contract management system’ history and reporting features keep track of activities for each contract including document versioning, publishing history, modification with timestamps and milestones.

Reporting provided contract management teams a overview of statistics like total available contracts, active contracts and expired contracts helping in contract decisions.