SharePoint solutions for
Procurement & Supplier Relationship Managements

Role based dashboard

Purchasing Analytics’ role based dashboard features provides a user-friendly interface with high level purchasing reporting within the defined scope. Drill down capabilities shows detailed information of each activity. The self-service dashboard can be configured for reporting on a particular storefront, department, or location.

Historical data reporting

Purchasing Analytics is built on Microsoft SQL Server which allows for archiving of historical data. Transactional data generated in Corevo products can be archived to the Purchasing analytics database at periodic intervals.
Administrators can extract reports providing the timeframe for which reports should be generated.


Report configuration & filters

Purchasing Analytics supports ad hoc reporting using the report configuration options.

Using report configuration, users can created customized report views by applying filters and reporting criteria. Report configuration can be used on grid reports, pie and bar graphical reports.

Integration with external enterprise systems

Purchasing Analytics database can also be configured to report from data available from other enterprise systems like ERP, CRM, Inventory etc. The system extends SharePoint’s integration capabilities which include by not restricted web services API and Business Connectivity Services.