SharePoint solutions for
Procurement & Supplier Relationship Managements

Introducing Corevo – Comprehensive Purchasing, Procurement, Contracts and Sourcing management solution with SharePoint

Optimus BT has recently introduced its new product suite, Corevo, which extends the capabilities of SharePoint to provide comprehensive purchasing, procurement, contracts and sourcing management. Companies that take advantage of these great modules will be armed with the tools necessary to be successful in today’s competitive business landscape.

One of the great things about the products is that they work for almost every business scenario and industry. As most mid-size to enterprise organizations have procurement workflows that could be simplified and made easier for all parties involved, the eProcure product provides a streamlined solution – eliminating procurement problems and taking the workflow process online. Requestors, approvers, and admins can seamlessly works together. This ensures that goods and services needed for the organization to run smoothly are procured in a way that is easy to manage and use.

Organizations look for an easy way to manage and/or create contracts can also use Corevo to their advantage. Thanks to collaborative and extensible SharePoint features, users can work together to create, archive, and manage the contract lifecycle process. By providing capabilities such as reusable content and clauses, the idea of ‘having to start from scratch’ becomes obsolete. With the ability to set user and group permissions, access to certain contracts can be as secure as necessary.

Corevo also offers a great sourcing module for organizations to use to find the perfect vendor or vendors based on posted RFPs. By granting access solely to a designated vendor portal, respective vendors can submit their responses. The system also includes a RFP library, creation wizard, templates, and versioning capabilities. Organizations can also use the system as a way to manage and/or create new vendors and necessary information about them.

Those looking for a way to sell their goods or services may be interested in the suite’s eCommerce module. eCommerce offers solutions for B2B and B2C commerce buying and selling. With the ability to create customized customer experiences, the solution offers unique out-of-the-box as well as customizable features to enhance the buying experience. With a comprehensive shopping cart that includes payment integration, customers can complete their purchases online and submit their payments as well.

Each module comes with in-depth reporting capabilities. Those looking to gain more insights and, perhaps more buying power with respective vendors can take a look at the Purchasing Analytics aspect. The module pulls data from the other products in the suite to provide a comprehensive look at company spending and offers negotiating power with vendors. This is the final piece that combines all the great products and serves as a way to truly understand purchasing and spending.

About Optimus BT:

Optimus BT is a global leader in providing insurgent Microsoft Office SharePoint Server-based solutions and products for various industries including healthcare, manufacturing, government, and several others. We are a privately held firm with offices in Atlanta, GA and Bangalore, India. Since our inception in 2003, we have created new and innovative products, solutions, add-ons and turnkey solutions for our customers. By using a comprehensive engagement model, we are able to assist our clients at every step of the way from envisioning and designing a roadmap to post-implementation. All of our products were created because of a client need for them that no one else could meet. We strive and continue to develop innovative and collaborative commerce and procurement solutions that will help our clients to succeed.