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Procurement & Supplier Relationship Managements

eProcure – Eliminating Your Procurement Problems

eProcure, a procurement solution built on top of SharePoint, is one of the five modules in the new Corevo product suite from Optimus BT. Regardless of what a specific organization procures, the need for a streamlined system with automated workflows is crucial. eProcure works to eliminate procurement problems such as sending a million emails, waiting for replies, paper-based systems, manually creating purchase orders, as well as other problems and time delays.

eProcure is a collaborative procurement solution complete with self-service features and capabilities. This allows organizational employees to procure goods or services themselves and send requests to their respective approver. Employees can search internal catalogs, punch-out catalogs from agreed upon vendors, or use iPurchase to find the best deal on the web. Users can also recommend products and procure these as well once they have been approved.

Approvers of the system can selectively approve or reject items in a requisition and comment as to why the decision to approve or reject an item was made. All this is done through the eProcure system so it once again saves users time.

Administrators also have ease in using the system as well. Managing catalogs, creating purchase orders, and managing the overall eProcure system is simple and easy. By providing user-friendly and easy-to-use dashboards, administrators can go to work quickly and efficiently on what needs to be done to keep everything running smoothly. Administrators also can manage and control access and permissions.

eProcure is a great procurement system and allows companies to streamline their procurement processes online – creating a paper-less and painless system. With easy-to-use and self-service dashboards, all users can easily access the system. Collaborative features also make the product a good communication tool as well. The module also comes with reporting capabilities, providing insights to procured goods and services.

About Optimus BT:

Optimus BT is a global leader in providing insurgent Microsoft Office SharePoint Server-based solutions and products for various industries including healthcare, manufacturing, government, and several others. We are a privately held firm with offices in Atlanta, GA and Bangalore, India. Since our inception in 2003, we have created new and innovative products, solutions, add-ons and turnkey solutions for our customers. By using a comprehensive engagement model, we are able to assist our clients at every step of the way from envisioning and designing a roadmap to post-implementation. All of our products were created because of a client need for them that no one else could meet. We strive and continue to develop innovative and collaborative commerce and procurement solutions that will help our clients to succeed.